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There are many different categories of residential roofing materials used by Roofing Contractors in Hawaii, each with their own unique sales points. Each of the various materials available has their own particular pros and cons. I will try to guide you through the selection process. Choosing the correct roofing materials and Roofers for Residential roofs on any particular job is critical. Make a mistake and it could be very expensive.
              Your Home Is Your Most Important Investment

Heritage Roofing & Waterproofing Hawaii LLC will help you protect your investment. There is a large range of weight in the full range of roofing materials. For instance 3 or 4 laminated roofing shingles may have the same coverage as a cement tile, but the cement is a few times heavier than the asphalt shingle.
Because of this, right at the beginning of the design stage, the choice of the material and the design of the roof structure are most important.

To a great extent, the choice of the residential roofing materials and asphalt Shingles, wood shakes,and tile is determined by the slope of the roof. The Hawaiian Islands and depending on where you live are prone to high winds, and heavy rainfall especially in areas like Mililani, Manoa, Pearl City, and Kaneohe where there is significant rainfall during the year. Usually these areas are also more prone to termite damge and wood rot compared to other areas like Hawaii Kai, Kailua, Ewa Beach, Kapolei, which are much dryer, and also prone to termite damage.

Certain roofing materials that more or less sit in position with just a few nails and their own weight to fix them in position would not be a wise choice. In some circumstances the manufacturer will not warrant roofs if the proper installation methods are not used in high wind areas. Proximity to the ocean, especially here in Hawaii or Industrial plants, that may accelerate corrosion in metal roof sheeting should be considered when choosing the correct materials.
  The life of a roof has more to do with correct installation, maintenance and environmental aspects than the manufacturer's claims. A good fire rating for materials is also important. There are many roofing products that range from 30 Year, 50 Year or even in some cases lifetime warranties. Many of the Hawaii Cool Roof Coatings will range anywhere from 7 to 15 year extended manufacturer's warranties, depending on the contractor you choose the product they offer and their service warranty on the product. In most cases with Cool Roofs you have to re-coat anywhere from 3 to 5 years to keep the life of the product maintained.

Heritage Roofing & Waterproofing Hawaii has completed many homes with Asphalt Roofing Shingles and Wood Shake Roofs and Cool Roof coatings all over the Island of Oahu we will send our roofers to stop a small leak on a leaking flat roof in Mililani, or install a new wood shake roof in Kailua. We started our business finding some of the hardest roof leaks.  Finding our customers Roof Leaks and stopping them is our specialty. We do water testing to see if we can locate the cause of the problem which doesnt always work in some cases because we cannot simulate Mother Nature.

Call us if you have a leaky roof? A leaking Flat Roof especially at the pitch change area where most of the common leaks occur. If its a Residential Shingle Roof in Mililani, or A Leaking Flat Roof in Kailua, A leaking skylight in Hawaii Kai we will stop them guaranteed.

Always you must keep in mind that the cost of roofing materials is only one part of the project. Weather you are installing a Traditional Residential asphalt shingle Roof or a Commercial Roof installation can be in most cases a lot more than the cost of the material itself.

Think about it this way: let's say that roofing product A is 20% more than product B. You know that product A is better, but 20% is a big difference. In the total cost of the job when the labor etc is added, using the better material may only increase your costs by 10% -- even less if it is quicker to install.

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