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Hawaii’s warm weather and rainy seasons wreck havoc on roofs, here in Honolulu and all across the state of Hawaii, and many Island homeowners are already thinking of alternative ways to stay cool without spending excessive amounts of money on their electric bills, Heritage Roofing & Waterproofing would like to help solve some of those cooling issues.

“Our Hot sun in Hawaii can damage roofs over a few years," but we normally don’t look up and think much about it until it’s too late,” By then, however, a roof may need leak repairs or need to be replaced, which can be very costly to any homeowner. Fortunately, many roofing products have evolved over the years.

Sustainable home design is on everyone’s mind, especially when it comes to such topics as energy, conservation, maintenance and longevity. As a result, an increasing number of residential and commercial rooftops here in Honolulu and across the state are being topped off with cool energy-efficient materials, like Cool Roof Coatings or Singly Ply Heat Weld systems. (COOL ROOFS )
Think about this - dark colors absorb more heat than lighter ones. But White Cool Roof Coatings like Hydrostop, White Lava, Hawaiian Sunguard, & Tropical Roof Shield reflect the suns damaging rays, allowing a building to STAY COOL.

In most cases, a Cool Roof can save a homeowner/building owner anywhere from 15 to 30 percent on their electric bill. The secondary benefits would mean that a person would run their air conditioning less, and that means less carbon dioxide entering our atmosphere. The cost of installing a White Cool Roof is about the same as installing a Traditional Torch Down or Peel & Stick Roof. But, the benefits are spread over the long term. Heritage Roofing & Waterproofing Hawaii has completed many projects with Hydro-Stop and other cool roof products all over Honolulu , Manoa, Hawaii Kai, kailua, Kaneohe, Pearl City, Aiea, Ewa Beach, Kunia, North Shore and even on Maui in Kihei.

You can install a white cool roof over your existing flat roof. And, in most cases, we can help you save money on high tear-off fees. The trash from those tear offs enter our overflowing Hawaiian landfills. The only maintenance you’ll need is to top coat your roof every 3 to 5 years—keeping your white cool roof at its brightest. Call now and ask us about our 10-15 year extended manufacturer warranties! As a  Hawaii roofing contractor we offer free estimates on Roof Repairs and Leak Repairs, New Roofs, Re-Roofs, and Cool Roofs through Honolulu and the entire Hawaiian Island.

    Located in Honolulu we are proud to serve our customers and try to offer the most energy efficient roofing systems available. Give us a call today  and make Heritage Roofing & Waterproofing your preferred Roofing contractor in Hawaii.

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Hawaii Cool Roof Contractors Heritage Roofing & Waterproofing LLC

has completed multiple projects over the years in the area of Hawaii cool roof reflective coatings and waterproofing watertight roof systems, here in Honolulu and across the state of Hawaii.

There are many different types of Cool Roof Coatings including White Lava, Tropical Roof Shield, Western Colloide, that will help keep your home cooler, and your roof temperature lower which will help you save on those expensive A/C Bills! HRW will install them all!
But if you are looking for the best in roof coatings and you want a proven watertight Waterproofing Cool Roof system,
We recommend Hydrostop! Hydro-Stop is a roofing system used by many Honolulu roofing contractors here in Hawaii on Commercial Roofs. Most of the State, and Federal projects like  hospitals, schools , military projects and the airport all use
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