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A Commercial Roofing Contractor in Hawaii needs to understand this to effectively maintain service and repair a facility’s roofing system(s).
The Roofing contractor must help the facilities manager to explain the differences between major repairs of older roofing systems and the minor repairs of new roofing systems that could become major repairs if neglected.

The idea is to maintain the newer system  while over time bringing the older system into an acceptable level of repair and performance. It is also important for the facilities manager to understand when it is time to replace an older roofing system.  Sometimes this isn't always an easy decision with Commercial Roofs because of the expense, Typically that time is when too much money is being spent on the repair of an Older Roofing System, while too little is being spent on the necessary maintenance of newer roofing systems to extend the life of the newer system.
Eventually, every Commercial Roofing System must be replaced. But, with inspection, maintenance and repair, building owners/property management companies can extend a roofing system’s life cycle to maximize their return on investment.
  has been maintaining one of Hawaii's premier locations for more than 7 years at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. With a regularly scheduled maintenance program of roof cleaning, repairs and tile replacements. The results of this program has helped saved the
Honolulu Academy in major repairs and replacements over the years, helping to protect some of  their most valuable artifacts.

One level of practice as a Honolulu Roofing Contractor is to , constantly prioritize and reassess  which necessary roofing repairs warrant immediate budget expenditures for commercial building owners/and property management companies and our clients.
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                                               According to the NRCA ( National Roofing Contractors Association )
Association preventive maintenance adds anywhere from 25% to 100% service life to a Commercial Roofing system. That means repair costs could be double or even triple the cost of a preventive maintenance program over the life of a commercial roofing system. Heritage Roofing & Waterproofing  offers such maintenance programs, to all of our clients.

Another facilities management factor to consider in maintaining roofing systems is energy management, Especially here in the Hawaiian Islands where the weather is unpredictable. Wet insulation makes the  system lose energy.  According to the Building Owners and Managers Institute, good maintenance practices and good energy management are very important. Some of the highest rates of return on energy conservation are generated simply by performing a regularly scheduled maintenance program.
A very important factor  to an effective facility asset management process is having professionals inspect those assets on a regular basis. On a periodic schedule determined with the building owner or manager the following should be done;   

         Inspect the entire roofing system including the seams or heat welds on a single ply roof check                                                      flashings, drains or gutters and leaders, masonry, etc.
  • Document each inspection (roof plan, inspection forms, and photo documentation). Each Roof inspector should carry a digital camera to document the conditions Heritage Roofing & Waterproofing Hawaii uses Digital photos  with inspection reports.
  • Perform infrared testing as needed to provide thermal energy reports to identify moisture within a roof system
  • Remove all debris, clean gutters, leaders and drains
  • Provide estimates for roof repairs (or replacement if necessary) Offer more than 1 solution on the most energy efficient roofing systems available.
  • Comply with and document compliance with the maintenance requirements of any roofing system manufacturer warranties that may still be in effect .
Physical Commercial Rooftop Inspections and Color Infrared Camera Surveys are the keys to the effective documentation and analysis of energy loss, roof repair and maintenance issues.
In addition to the information gathered during roof inspections, the importance of maintaining warranty, design, installer, materials data, and repair history information should be emphasized. Contractors will benefit from assisting with this additional information.
If this process is followed, the repair, maintenance and energy conservation of Commercial Roofing systems will be as cost-effective as possible.  And with this process, facilities-manager clients know years in advance of when a roofing system will have to be replaced, and what its projected expense will be.
         Heritage Roofing & Waterproofing Hawaii Help you achieve those goals and save you money.

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